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||  Iced Caramel Macchiato|| hits

I accidentally opened my BBM earlier and found that annoying message from someone I knew. Ugh. I hate reading that message. Even just a glimpse of it makes me mad. But that’s the last message I received from him. Just when I had the courage to say, ‘I miss you’, all he could come up with is, ‘Can we talk tomorrow? I’m just messed up right now.’ Like what the fck! It took me a while to get that courage and all I will get is a lame excuse or a code saying, ‘I don’t want to speak with you.’ I am not expecting any affectionate reply, maybe all I want is a birthday greeting or a question asking how have I been. But damn. You never cared. Oh please. I need you to be out of my life right now. Actually, he’s not in my life anymore. I’m the only sad soul who’s still clinging. Ugh.

My love for sports is enormous. And I hate hearing news about injuries especially on big events such as the World Cup. I’ve been a supporter of Team Brazil just last 2010. They didn’t make the cut before, and I am excited for this year’s World Cup. But just yesterday, I am deeply saddened by the news of Neymar’s injury. I watched the replay, and it’s heartbreaking how he was in pain during that sequence. I cannot believe he will be out for this World Cup series. Yeah, he’s young. 22, right? But it’s his dream. His video showed that he’s been crying. I do not understand a word he says but I feel him. I feel his sorrow. I feel his passion for his sport and I feel how frustrating it is for him not to be able to contribute to his team just when they’re close to the Finals already. It is his dream. He might have another shot on 2018 but no, this year is different. I only wish Neymar the best. I pray for his fast recovery. I’ll pray for Brazil’s success; for his injury and for captain’s suspension. Brazil’s gonna fight till the end. 2014 is theirs to own! 


Thank God for today! I am blessed. I am grateful. I had my CMA Part 2 exam today. Believe it or not, I had to take it. I am nervous, but I am positive. The exam is no joke. Tricky questions. Out of the world questions that made me doubt myself if I did prepare for it. But I did prepared. I studied. I am thankful that I made it through the essay. I thank God for helping me with today’s exam. I am praying to pass the exam in its entirety. This will definitely change everything. Please, Lord. Amen.