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||  Iced Caramel Macchiato|| hits

We lost and by far the toughest lost this season. This one is too hard to handle, to hard to even accept. The Archers’ squad fought hard for this game and get that twice-to-beat advantage but in the end we fail. I don’t want to blame it to Bench cause that would be unfair but damn AVO and Jeron who went to the Naked Truth fashion show last night were not at their best forms today. Yes they maybe in good form physically but damn they’re not who they are inside the court. Jeron was fouled out, the last one though was duty call. AVO had a lot of missed shots, and turnovers. It’s like they were not connecting at all. Almond, Sargett and Perk was there to spark the team. With Almond shooting three straight 3’s and his very own four point game. Yes, he also missed a lot of shots. His tempo ain’t there at the beginning but he fought for the team.

It was tough. It’s one of the saddest loss and I cannot take another more. There sure are doubts on whether they’d be able to get a win against a team whom they never beat this season. But with the right motivation, right perspective and right mindset towards the next game, this team could make it. I have my faith in you Green Archers. I’ll never lose that. Animo DLSU!