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Today’s a holiday in Manila so last night on opening night, we watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno. We’ve been waiting for it for quite sometime now and Takeru Sato who even went here gave us the hyped.

All I can say about the movie is that it is well created. If you want quality movie, this is the right movie to watch. Everything about the movie is superb. The casting; I could not imagine anyone better to fit Kenshin’s character than Takeru. And the rest, they are immersed into their character that you’ll get mad at Shishio and the rest of the antagonist. The setting is surreal. One thing about the Japanese is that they preserved their history well that when they do movies whose setting are back in the Edo or Meiji Era, they all look real to me. The visual effects now that is outstanding. Seriously one of the best I’ve seen. I particularly like the effects when Kenshin is drowning and the storm. It’s breathtaking.

The entire film is breathtaking. You’ll see the innocence of Kenshin and his fiery spirit on not wanting to kill but wanting to stop Shishio’s evilness. You’ll see the warmth and love from Kaoru. And you’ll see the evilness and hatred on Shishio. I cannot wait for the The Legend Ends. This one film who should end here or maybe have an extension if possible. But a remake? Never! Hands down!

Appreciation post on my first ever DLSU-ADMU game. It’s one of my goals for 2014 and it happened today. Though luck on how we manage to but we eventually did.

I am thankful we came and witnessed the game live because as expected it would be, everything is too intense. A simple cheer feels so different. The game is too good to be true. The referees are the only ones who made the game looks bad with their awful, wrong calls but the players played their hardest.

On the Ateneo squad, I am at lost of words on Kiefer Ravena’s God given talent. He’s just too good. Really good. He plays smart basketball. He knows what to do and how to execute. Really good! Pessumal and Newsome are game changers too. When Pessumal enters the court he’s a threat even for us who were just sitting and cheering. Great game, Ateneo! You almost came from behind and snatch this one from us.

And for my Archers team, you guys are the best. I am proud of you with all the proudness I could show. Jeron came out big. Perk and Bollick supported him and also the other guys. Overall, it’s a team effort. My baby, Almond, was at lost for some events but knows when to take his role as the point guard inside the court. I am proud of you guys! This is the beginning of the second round. Doesn’t matter if we are undermanned because it’s the heart and will to win that matters. Jeron, you are indeed a reliable captain. Almond, we have to step up baby and make some noise on your last playing year. But whatever happens, I am still your number one fan!

My favorite part besides the win is when we sang the Alma Mater hymn. Hail Hail is my favorite! One proud La Sallian! Animo La Salle!