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Today’s a holiday in Manila so last night on opening night, we watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno. We’ve been waiting for it for quite sometime now and Takeru Sato who even went here gave us the hyped.

All I can say about the movie is that it is well created. If you want quality movie, this is the right movie to watch. Everything about the movie is superb. The casting; I could not imagine anyone better to fit Kenshin’s character than Takeru. And the rest, they are immersed into their character that you’ll get mad at Shishio and the rest of the antagonist. The setting is surreal. One thing about the Japanese is that they preserved their history well that when they do movies whose setting are back in the Edo or Meiji Era, they all look real to me. The visual effects now that is outstanding. Seriously one of the best I’ve seen. I particularly like the effects when Kenshin is drowning and the storm. It’s breathtaking.

The entire film is breathtaking. You’ll see the innocence of Kenshin and his fiery spirit on not wanting to kill but wanting to stop Shishio’s evilness. You’ll see the warmth and love from Kaoru. And you’ll see the evilness and hatred on Shishio. I cannot wait for the The Legend Ends. This one film who should end here or maybe have an extension if possible. But a remake? Never! Hands down!