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The Fault in Our Stars. I love the film adaptation. I didn’t read the book. I love the way Gus says ‘Hazel Grace’ most especially how he says her full name. I like their little adventures. I love how Gus is filled with optimism, with greatness ahead of him despite the illness he feels. I like how he gave Hazel the chance to live like a normal teen, somehow forgetting that she has an oxygen tank with her. I love their Amsterdam trip despite the screwed author they both admired. But most of all, I love how these two fell in love with each other. Completely fell in love with each other. Going fall over heals for one another. They’ve found infinity in a matter of weeks, months or days. They found the right person to share their ‘let’s-forget-we’re-cancer-patients’ days. And most of all, they found happiness, comfort and love with each other. I like the film. It’s really good. I almost break into tears. The film makes me wanna fall in love. Yeah, that kind of feeling.