Josette is my given name. 20teen. Frustrated writer and photographer. Day dreamer. Believer. Food lover. Coffee lover. Blogger. JKpop admirer. Filipina. Lakers Nation. I am a Celtic. Kobe Bryant. Rajon Rondo. I learn from every downfall. I stand and come back strong. Feel free to ask me, I always reply.

||  Iced Caramel Macchiato|| hits

You’re the first person I saw when I reached GSB, and I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve heard you laugh, sing, shout and make fun with your friends. I’m an inch closer to you and realize that you have the height of my ideal guy. I passed a paper to you with a sense of nervousness on my part. I had one last glance; a really sneaky glance for one last time because it’s already goodbye.

Thank you for today. It was probably just 3 days, and 2 hours for today but it meant a lot to me.

Today’s eye contacts, made me really happy. You caught me staring at you once, but the next time, I saw you glancing at me. Yes, safe assumption right there. I am happy for the time I spent with you. The past two days were dreamy; too good to be true. I became eager to give you a letter with every confession I have to make but I couldn’t, ‘cause she might be offended. Hay. My feelings for you are back to where they were before.