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The Silver Linings Playbook,

The Silver Linings Playbook is the most insane and awkward book I’ve ever read. I was at lost during the first few chapters and I could not see where the storyline is leading me only to find myself indulge to its craziness. I actually thought the film adaptation would be similar with the book because based on the trailer it is, unfortunately it wasn’t.

I’d say the parts I do not like before the parts I appreciate the most. Hmm, for starters many of the crucial points in the book were changed. It would have been better if the reality and sequence of how Pat got into dancing was similar with the book because the determination and passion were there. Also, they missed out giving so damn emphasis on how crazy the book was about NFL most especially the Eagles. To be truthful, because of Silver Linings, I became eager to understand and watch the NFL, so you can see how much impact it has. How I also wished Dr. Cliff was given the attention he deserves because he’s the key on how Pat was able to understand and see the reality that lies in front of him. And also, there are lots of shouting and commotion in the movie and Pat’s brother ain’t as cool as he is in the book. And the dance competition, how I wish it was also plotted similarly with the book because of its truthfulness and simplicity. 

The film adaptation is unique and different in a good way. I appreciate how humorous Pat is and how insanely perfect Tiffany is. I definitely do not have a doubt on why Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress at the recent OSCARS, she deserves it, really. And Bradley Cooper is so fcking handsome. Don’t care about the age gap, because he’s so sexy and his eyes are way too expressive.Also, I love how Pat was able to take off his guard down and was not solely focus on Nikki alone. He was able to open up his heart easily in the film, and was able to allow Tiffany enter his life. I just love and appreciate how happy and crazy his family is. In the book, his Dad was not approachable but in the movie, he was his man. He was there for his son even if he’s mad most of the time. I love how the story of love blossoms and was given more attention unlike in the book. It was refreshing and good to see how Pat and Tiffany open their hearts to each other without holding back to their previous marriages. It was like a breathe of fresh air when slowly, they understand and see the reality that they need each other more than anyone else and because of that their relationship grows.

I like the movie and book because it gives you a certain realization of life. Maybe not how you should live it, but what should you do to live it. It gives you and understanding and appreciation of how much you can do, how much you can give, and how far can your past haunts you back. It’s a story of letting go to what once upon time was yours. A story of unexpected love that lies in front you but you’re just too afraid to hold it, feel it and accept it. A story of family and realization that even if the world falls apart, your family will always be your guide and your of strength. And a story of self survival, on how personal failures and success shape you and push you to be come better. Watch it if you haven’t yet, because it is insanely awesome.