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This sure feels like a familiar place. Been in this situation before. Should I stop pushing myself into fitting for this company I really want to work with since then? Life sucks. You know! The moment you start finding job that’s when you realize that your college friends are your competitors. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for their achievement. I just feel sorry for myself. Tomorrow’s my last try, and after tomorrow if the odds doesn’t go to my favor, I’ll rest and find my way back.

You’re the first person I saw when I reached GSB, and I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve heard you laugh, sing, shout and make fun with your friends. I’m an inch closer to you and realize that you have the height of my ideal guy. I passed a paper to you with a sense of nervousness on my part. I had one last glance; a really sneaky glance for one last time because it’s already goodbye.

Thank you for today. It was probably just 3 days, and 2 hours for today but it meant a lot to me.

Today’s eye contacts, made me really happy. You caught me staring at you once, but the next time, I saw you glancing at me. Yes, safe assumption right there. I am happy for the time I spent with you. The past two days were dreamy; too good to be true. I became eager to give you a letter with every confession I have to make but I couldn’t, ‘cause she might be offended. Hay. My feelings for you are back to where they were before.

It’s been a while since the last time we’ve met. I stopped expecting we’ll see each other again. But today, you showed up. And not just simply showed up, we’re in the same Comworks class. For whatever reason you have that you changed your schedule, I am thankful that you’re reassign to ours. I could steal a glance of you for seconds, even if Kuya Arc notice it. Your girlfriend may be beside you at the latter end of the class, but that’s enough for me because to see you makes me happy. We had this small moment when I went outside and we crossed paths at the hallway. We’re heading the opposite direction and I couldn’t look straight. Somehow, even if you’re closer by distance it felt that you’re farther from me. Maybe this is our fate then. I’m simply given the last chance to see you; to get my act together and say goodbye.

Busy days are almost done. RACFest 2014 was such a happy occasion last 03.21.14. I cannot quantify how grateful are we for the success of our Vies Liees. We may have failed it bringing home the ‘Best Picture’ but at least we’re third best and that’s enough recognition for us. Afterall, what matters is the experiences and bonding with my groupmates and the overwhelming love and support we received from our very own, Sir. Mik.

Monday comes, and we had our Finals for Management Accounting II, comes the tensed release of grades afterwards. I successfully manage to get my personal target grade which I am really happy with. But, a surprise came after and I received something even better. I don’t deserve it, but Sir. Mik s a professor of grace and he gave us more than what we deserve. I am thankful to him.

Musical came after, which was yesterday. We might have fail in some areas, but overall I think it’s a success. Thanks to my Little Mermaid team. Then, we watched the rest of the musicals and seriously, I am amazed and proud of our batch because we still manage to pull of a great performance despite the shortage of time and other requirements we have to prioritize. An early dinner care of Sir. Mik with my Vies Liees family made yesterday even more special and successful than what it already is. A dinner filled with good food, stories and laughter. I am thankful flr this second family I’ve met.


What an epic day! I woke up with the news that the grade for Evals in Management Accounting II is already out and thank God, I passed. This is the first time I passed our evals. So I’m really happy. I was with my Mom at the mall to check on some heels, when I received a message about the number of students who might have failed our Law class. It was freakin’ tensed. I was nervous to death. My Mom already tried this dress she wanted to wear for my graduation but with the uncertainty in Law grade, I asked her to not buy today. After an hour or so, I received my grade and thank God I passed. I am so close in graduating now and I am glad I won’t see him anymore. I also had my interview today, and it went well. Oh, thank God for the blessings of today. Too many tensed moments, but in the end everything is fine. thank you, Lord! 

You know what, it isn’t funny. I am distracted right now. You shouldn’t have told me that you’re going to watch the game tomorrow, LIVE. I am happy that you have an enthusiasm over volleyball; you seem really interested and excited. But you know what, I hope you have that same of interest for the sport that I love. I missed a couple of chances this season to watch a game live, and until now, I’m still fcking bitter of not witnessing it LIVE. So please. I’m so upset right now. Too much that I have to let it out. 


I really have my luck on 08s :) For the record, our oral exam for our BLAW104 is over and at least my two day review didn’t put to waste, however, I kinda believe that I deserve a higher mark. Anyways, I’m just glad it was over. A written final exam, and I’m done with BLAW104. Thank God.


I watched Saving Mr. Banks yesterday. I was just in time for the movie and I really have to say that Saving Mr. Banks is indeed a great one most especially for Disney lovers like I do. My ultimate goal is to visit all the Disneylands in the entire world and I’m done with three. Better pack soon and get to the rest. It was such a great movie in the sense that you get the overview of the roots of Disneyland and how Mr. Disney is such a fun, witty person. And you also get to see the sad story behind the P.L. Travers; the writer of the ever famous Mary Poppins. It was the kind of movie that made me appreciate more the roots of Disneyland, the story behind Mary Poppins and just everything about Disney. Oh I’d definitely visit ever Disneyland there will be. The happiest place on Earth!

The Philippines is probably one of the hopeless place if you want justice to be served. I am tired of watching the hearings of the PDAF scam. It’s like a drama series without any definite ending. The accused wanted to be a part of the witnesses. The DOJ is considering them as witnesses when in fact they benefited from the entire scam. They stole millions of pesos from the Filipino people. Then guess what, our government is spending thousands for the protection of the Queen of this PDAF scam. She even wants to be operated at St. Luke’s Global City; which is a premier hospital. How can this be fcking screwed up? Wake up please. I don’t think Napoles will drop names. Let her experience what the regular imprisonment feels like. Let her suffer from everything she did. I am hopeless in this case. 


My first try to make it to the real world. I was invited today for an exam and interview at Metrobank. It was my first time to be at the head office luckily, the mode of transportation and traffic is favorable on a Tuesdays morning. Then, despite the really cold room and challenging pre-employment exam, I passed. I spent my lunch with a newly found friend, Nicole Padilla. She’s already graduated and is currently working. She’s a thomasian and she’s really a great company. We waited for three hours before I had my shot at the interview. The HR is really intimidating; with straight face and serious look. She asked a number of questions. I was nervous. I hope she considers my application.

It was a great experience in general. My first attempt in making it to the real world. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance for the last interview and be hired.