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Today’s a holiday in Manila so last night on opening night, we watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno. We’ve been waiting for it for quite sometime now and Takeru Sato who even went here gave us the hyped.

All I can say about the movie is that it is well created. If you want quality movie, this is the right movie to watch. Everything about the movie is superb. The casting; I could not imagine anyone better to fit Kenshin’s character than Takeru. And the rest, they are immersed into their character that you’ll get mad at Shishio and the rest of the antagonist. The setting is surreal. One thing about the Japanese is that they preserved their history well that when they do movies whose setting are back in the Edo or Meiji Era, they all look real to me. The visual effects now that is outstanding. Seriously one of the best I’ve seen. I particularly like the effects when Kenshin is drowning and the storm. It’s breathtaking.

The entire film is breathtaking. You’ll see the innocence of Kenshin and his fiery spirit on not wanting to kill but wanting to stop Shishio’s evilness. You’ll see the warmth and love from Kaoru. And you’ll see the evilness and hatred on Shishio. I cannot wait for the The Legend Ends. This one film who should end here or maybe have an extension if possible. But a remake? Never! Hands down!

The Heirs

The truth is I do not have any intention to watch the drama at first, not until everyone around me started talking about it and find it really good. I watched the drama and at the very first episode made me hook up with it.

Fact: It is another cliche storyline. Rich man, poor woman. Lee Min Ho’s character was like in BOF being all rich, dumb and god-like. Park Shin Hye played another character she always portray. She’s poor, and always the one whom people should feel sympathy with. And yes, it’s about again breaking the rules and trying to live in the same world despite their status differences.

However, despite the cliche storyline. Heirs is a good drama showing different lessons in life. There’s a twist in every detail, and fun and kilig that comes with it.

Kim Tan is indeed a fictional character. Too good to be come into life. But I love him because he’s the knight and shining armor you’d love to have. He made Eun Sang his world which is wrong but you can’t blame him because of the family he has. Lesson on Kim Tan’s life is … to stand for what you believe in. Never let your family define the person you’re going to be. Do not make someone your world cause otherwise you’d end up miserable when they leave. And, remember to give importance to the people who truly matters to you the most.

Cha Eun Sang is any typical young adult. She’s a working student having two or three part time jobs. She’s simple and smart and hardworking. Nothing complicated about her family except her selfish sister. The only fault she did is to fall in love with Kim Tan; Jeguk Groups second son. Because of what power could do, she could not fight the love he has for Kim Tan but with every sacrifice Kim Tan did for her, she eventually opened the door, welcome him to her life. Lesson on Cha Eun Sang’s life … is to fight for what you think is right. Make the decision that will make you happy and just be you. No more, no less.

Choi Young Do is every girl’s ‘evil like’ ideal type. Not really evil but his eyes are so fierce and it’s scary when his hair used to be brushed up. He doesn’t know how to approach a lady in a kind manner but just in his own ways. He’s actually sweet, and protective. All he ask for Eun Sang is to give him a chance but he never received it. He’s so cute when he’s confused with his feelings for Eun Sang. He looks naughty with his evil plans with Rachel. And he looks like a real man when he’s trying to protect Eun Sang. The only conflict he has is with his family with his Dad being authoritative and his longing for his Mom. Lesson on Choi Young Do’s life … is to give people a chance. Do not grief on what others did, stop blaming yourself or others for something you cannot bring back. If you’re in love be honest with it, and show you care.

Yoo Rachel is a sad character who did not receive much love and attention from her Mom. She couldn’t show her weakness to other people. She always act tough, and because of this she tend to act in a harsh way. No one cared for what she feels, except Young Do because they two share a common feeling of anger, and helplessness. I love her awkward relationship with Sunbae.

Kim Won showed that sometimes love and dreams cannot complement the latter when the one you love is not included in your plans. He wants to protect the company, protect his girl, and because of this, he lost her. I feel sad with how things went for them because he didn’t get a chance to fight for his love. Well, at least he saved the company but still, a fix marriage for insurance in the company is nonetheless, awful.

The rest of the characters are as entertaining as they could be. They all have something they fight for or something they’re rejected to have. This drama is not simply about money though that’s how it works at their school and their companies. It’s more of breaking the rules in trying to live ordinarily, without the pressure from the elders. It’s about freeing yourself from the world who keeps holding you back. It’s finding closure to your deepest regrets. To find love in a hopeless case. To find friends that will stand by you.

I love The Heirs; the way it began and it’s very ending. I love the characters and how they almost look like brothers or parents to their children. I love the awkward relationships, and the pure ones. And most especially, I love the owl stuff toy of Myungsoo.

The Catching Fire


For starters, I am writing this personal review on the movie Catching Fire without even reading the book so my opinion could be different to those who have read the book. But they say they have so much resemblance so I’d give the Catching Fire overall credit for being similar with the book.

I love the movie. I don’t know if I had any parts which I do not like. I was at the edge of my seat when the actual Hunger Games started and they’re inside the Arena. Jennifer Lawrence is really gorgeous and every fashion item she used in the movie is a beyond words. Her wedding dress turning into a Mocking Jay afterwards is amazing. Beyond imagination actually. I also like how I’ve seen more on Gale this time. I mean, I feel like there should be something more form Gale and that is lacking for me. How I wish he had more participation in the entire movie. Maybe he will on the last sequel. I don’t know if you notice it but Prim and Snow’s granddaughter looks similar in many ways, which is weird. Hmm, on Katniss and Peeta’s make-believe love affair, I don’t know what else to think. I wanted to believe that the love is true, that love is present somewhere but the way Katniss kiss and look at Gale, I think that love is more shown there. Ugh. Don’t know who to ship. But more than that, the concern of Katniss to Peeta and how she started to become open to him is one thing I’ve been wanting to see. Now there’s more warmth and love more than anything. Maybe it’s just because they wanted to prove something to Snow, but I wanted to believe it’s more on the personal feelings. And my favorite additional character is Finnick. Since I didn’t read the book, I actually thought he’s an enemy but he doesn’t seem like one. What I love about him is his smile and his love for Annie. So damn hot also if you’d look at his torso. Om. 

Catching Fire is a must to watch film before 2013 ends because it teaches you that hope is stronger than fear. It will help you realize that you can do so much more if you’re serious about fighting for peace. It makes you wanted to fall in love in such a way that you’d give up everything for him. It talks about love, hope and peace. 

Thor: The Dark World

I watched the film yesterday with my sister and it was mind fckingly amazing! If ever there’s such a word. Haha. I’m speechless with how the story develops. It was heartbreaking with the deaths but everything is unbelievable.

Thor is perfect; his accent, his gorgeously fitting body and the way he act so tough yet merciful and full of warmth. Jane Foster is pretty. I don’t know but Natalie Portman has gotten prettier than last time and gosh, she’s a true mad scientist. Haha. And, Loki, I’m speechless about him. He exceeded any expectations I had for him. He had most of his part when needed the most and I love his humor. Kind of reminded me of Robert Downey, Jr.

One should not miss Thor: The Dark World because: it is phenomenal. The scenes were plotted perfectly. The humor is where it should be. The techniques used and graphics were great; Asgard is beyond perfect and so does the stars and everything else. Everything is convincingly real. The movie gave me mixed emotions from laughter to almost tears and shock.

Mind fck ending if you’ll ask me, and so does the preview. Ugh. By the way, a cameo appearance of someone from the Avengers is really funny. I cannot wait for the next.

Thor! Thumbs up. Superb! Asdfghjkl.

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

The red moleskin notebook gave a door of opportunity for two people to communicate, discover themselves, talk about their lives and spend the Holidays the least, yet unforgettable way they could possible do.

I’m talking about David Levithan and Rachel Cohn’s, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. It’s a perfect book during the Holiday season. There’s so many things to love about the book. For starters, it’s setting is in New York City which is probably one of the busiest city during this season. The story is about teenage discovery; knowing who you are, what you’re willing to do and how you digest the reality that lies in front of you. It’s a story about friendship and family; and how both of these are essential in the person you will become and how the comfort they gives is incomparable to anything this world could offer. It’s about taking a risk and see if the the reward is worthy. It’s about expressing yourself and realizing that it’s not about the distance and time that dictates what’s about to happen but rather how you handle it. It’s also about having a special place for someone who may have left not because you haven’t move on but because you already forgive them. It’s about finding that person whom you can speak freely and be the person you always wanted to be. And, it’s about believing someone else’s word and trust them entirely for it.

It’s a great book to read. One by one I’ll share with you the notable quotations I highlighted as they were meaningful for me. If you’re around sixteen, living young, wild and free; you better get a copy and read this because time spent reading such an upbeat, cozy book can actually help you change your perspective and understanding on love and life.

Iron Man 3,

The wait is over, and as expected Iron Man 3 never fails to go beyond what others expect from them. Today, I watched the film with my sister and lucky for us we had it in 3D. Having it in 3D made me even more amazed on how awesome the film was. It is beyond words if I could say. 

Robert Downey Jr., portraying Tony Stark who exceptionally rich, humorous and hot at his age has been phenomenal. He is such a great actor that when he is having his anxiety attacks, you can feel it. When he’s tearing, you’re moved by his tears. He may be selfish at times, but he knows how to value his woman whom he loves. And Gywneth Paltrow, portraying Pepper was awesome at this film too, she changed and she was fierce yet fragile at the same it. The actors portrayed their characters so well, and Harley, the little kid Tony met is one of my favorite characters because being the curious kid he already is, he gave light and heart warming feeling to the film. I couldn’t think of any word to describe the plot itself because it was well done. From the Iron Man costume, to the fighting scenes, to the technology, sky diving and to the rest of the effects, I am speechless.

I do not wish to elaborate more ‘cause I might be a big spoiler to those who haven’t watch yet but please do watch it. It could be the biggest film of Spring 2013 if not the year 2013 itself. It’s one film which will make you hold your breath and drop your jaws with each scene. It will make your eyes teary, but will give you a good laugh at the same time. It’s one film which you’ll realize how important Pepper is for Tony that he couldn’t care less of his wealth. Great, great film. A new word should be made to describe how extraordinarily amazing the film was. Watch it, and I bet every penny you’ll spend is going to be worthy, but in case you wish to have company, I can come ;) Seriously considering to watch it for the second time! 

The Silver Linings Playbook,

The Silver Linings Playbook is the most insane and awkward book I’ve ever read. I was at lost during the first few chapters and I could not see where the storyline is leading me only to find myself indulge to its craziness. I actually thought the film adaptation would be similar with the book because based on the trailer it is, unfortunately it wasn’t.

I’d say the parts I do not like before the parts I appreciate the most. Hmm, for starters many of the crucial points in the book were changed. It would have been better if the reality and sequence of how Pat got into dancing was similar with the book because the determination and passion were there. Also, they missed out giving so damn emphasis on how crazy the book was about NFL most especially the Eagles. To be truthful, because of Silver Linings, I became eager to understand and watch the NFL, so you can see how much impact it has. How I also wished Dr. Cliff was given the attention he deserves because he’s the key on how Pat was able to understand and see the reality that lies in front of him. And also, there are lots of shouting and commotion in the movie and Pat’s brother ain’t as cool as he is in the book. And the dance competition, how I wish it was also plotted similarly with the book because of its truthfulness and simplicity. 

The film adaptation is unique and different in a good way. I appreciate how humorous Pat is and how insanely perfect Tiffany is. I definitely do not have a doubt on why Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress at the recent OSCARS, she deserves it, really. And Bradley Cooper is so fcking handsome. Don’t care about the age gap, because he’s so sexy and his eyes are way too expressive.Also, I love how Pat was able to take off his guard down and was not solely focus on Nikki alone. He was able to open up his heart easily in the film, and was able to allow Tiffany enter his life. I just love and appreciate how happy and crazy his family is. In the book, his Dad was not approachable but in the movie, he was his man. He was there for his son even if he’s mad most of the time. I love how the story of love blossoms and was given more attention unlike in the book. It was refreshing and good to see how Pat and Tiffany open their hearts to each other without holding back to their previous marriages. It was like a breathe of fresh air when slowly, they understand and see the reality that they need each other more than anyone else and because of that their relationship grows.

I like the movie and book because it gives you a certain realization of life. Maybe not how you should live it, but what should you do to live it. It gives you and understanding and appreciation of how much you can do, how much you can give, and how far can your past haunts you back. It’s a story of letting go to what once upon time was yours. A story of unexpected love that lies in front you but you’re just too afraid to hold it, feel it and accept it. A story of family and realization that even if the world falls apart, your family will always be your guide and your of strength. And a story of self survival, on how personal failures and success shape you and push you to be come better. Watch it if you haven’t yet, because it is insanely awesome.

Safe Haven,


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This one is solely my personal review and perception on the film adaptation of Safe Heaven. As you probably have in mind, yes, I have read the novel itself and watched the film just yesterday. Are there any differences? Of course. Every film adaptation has its own share of +/- from the book. So let’s start.

There’s a big difference with the sequences but at least slight difference with the characters. First, Katie was originally blonde and became brunette but the film made it the other way around. Alex was originally gray haired but the film he’s obviously brunette. And one thing that I kept on thinking while watching the film was Lexie’s name and when I get home, I knew it wasn’t her name by the book because it was Kristen. But yeah, changes in the character doesn’t quite matter because what matters is the context, the substance of the film.

For starters, the beginning changed compare to the book but I sort of liked it because it already gave an interesting start. Like a puzzle for those who haven’t read the book. Whom did she killed? Why did she escape? To whom did she ran to? Questions like that. And also it made Kevin look more creepy, psychopath and obsessive. It definitely emphasize the character of Kevin. I also like how humorous and chirpy the character of Alex is and how Lexie is as bright as she is by the book. And I do not seem to remember reading the part where they went for a canoe but that obviously made a sweet impact. It was simple, subtle and sweet like a hopeless romantic person would fall for it. The light talks they had at their restaurant to their first kiss; it was all but perfection. But one thing notable about the film is how Katie was able to loose her guard easily and felt comfortable with Alex. Plus, the ending too is great. It made me cry just like what the book did to me. 

But, how I wish they did this or that. Okay, I wouldn’t give too much because there are actually a lot I wished they did. Let’s just start with, how I wish Jo’s part was given the attention it deserves. Not simply because the lady portraying is one of my favorite but also because her character is important. Her character is a key to one of the surprising twist in the story. It would have also been better if Alex was the understanding man he is at the book who already have a clue of what Katie had been through but allowed her to open up herself to him. I would love for Josh to be the kid he is by the book and not some sort of brat he is portrayed at the film. And lastly, it would have been better if the climax was that of the book because it would have portrayed the tense and the thrill of that scene. Because while the reading the book, I can feel how emotional, how afraid and how breath taking every turn of the page was at the point and we kind of miss that with the film. It’s lacking somewhere.

The ending is always the best part and the ending is unpredictable. For once in a Nicholas Spark novel, I am thrilled with the ending. It was shocking and it made me cry. It was the perfect ending. For those who have watched it, I think you know what I feel. For those who haven’t, watch it because it’s a story about love and family. It’s about taking chances and believe that everyone deserves to be happy. It’s about fate, and trust that you’d eventually find someone and when you do, you do not miss the opportunity to have it for you. 

Yes or No,


Yes or No is a Thai film my cousin recommended to me before New Year and as soon as we watched the trailer, my sister and I eventually decided to watch this film. Oh my freakin asdfghjkl, I am madly crazy about the film. Call it you want but that’s how it brought me. Haha. 

So it’s a lesbian film, actually the first in Thailand. It talks about the love that eventually grows between the two main lead; Pie and Kim who are room mates at their all girls dormitory in a particular university in Bangkok. And may I say, I love their dorms. Super adorable! How I wished we have those here. Hihi. Anyhow, to be truthful I am amazed with Tina who portrayed Kim. I was dumbfounded the moment I saw her. I was actually confused if she really is a girl because she looks so edgy and her androgynous features makes her really good looking to become a guy. Not to mention, how she kind of resembles Korean idols. Way to go, Tina! You gave me chills by watching this film. Her strong stare, exchange of conversation, considerate attitude and her actions, for a second I forgot again that’s she’s a “she”. 

Pie’s reaction with Kim’s confession is actually normal considering how her Mom dislikes lesbians and so does she but I guess once you’re actually there, when you feel like she/he could be the one, then you’d care less of what people thinks. All the butterflies are fluttering and so does the romantic chills with the relationship between Pie and Kim and it’s heartbreaking too when they have to separate ways because of Pie’s Mom. But, I’m thrilled with their happy ending. 

Yes or No 2 :D

Yeah, we did finish this one too, just tonight actually. I love the part 2 even more but if there could be part 3, I’d love to watch it. I mean, you’ve seen how the actors grow and that’s one thing very commendable about Thai films, they retain their characters for the sequel which makes you feel the same feeling you had before.

This time, it’s about distance that separates them. You know what they say, long distance relationship doesn’t always work and it’s probably one of the toughest struggle there could be well besides a third party. Which by surprise, is all in this film. Haha. It’s just that Jam, the new character, fall for Kim when Kim doesn’t do anything special for her. I mean, what Kim does is basically the same manner she does for everyone; showing her kind and considerate self. But, there’s something about the way she speaks and act that would really make anyone’s heart melt. It was one sided actually at first because Kim is very much inlove with Pie. She’d always allot her 8pm to her, and even visited her on her birthday. Sweetiee patootiee :”)

I love this translation of one of Kim’s aunt said which also fits Jam, “Our timing is not the same, and I’m the one hurting.” True to this! Hihi. When Pie went over to Kim’s intern place and had this spicy conversation with Jam, I cannot help but smile because they are indirectly hitting on one another and the exchange of words are just asdfghjkl. Kim’s aunt though is very funny! Haha. Love her! :D I just love the message inside the butterfly Kim made for Pie which was meant if Pie feels like giving up already but surprisingly, Kim’s the one who’d need it. I love the message, “Come back to me, I love you”. OMG! *scream everywhere* Haha. I love that line! And yes, it’s ending too is really sweet. Oh wait, I love these post its behind Jam’s door which proves how much she loved Kim, her first love. And also, I’ve never seen anyone who loves someone’s stubbornness that much. When Kim described why she loves Pie, you can see from her choice of words, her smile, her actions and her eyes the spark, the magic that she is indeed in love :”> I need to find someone like her! Haha. 

I love this film. I recommend this to everyone. I am in love with the way the directors and even the actors portrayed the film. I actually admired Thai’s even more as they were able to show a very sensible movie and made audience understand the message it conveys for it will just struck you, at the right spot. Love knows no gender. It does not know any boundaries. One should not judge the other just because of his preference. It’s not about the physical that matters, it’s about what’s inside; how much you’re willing to protect that person, how much you love that person, how much you’re willing to sacrifice and how happy you are when you’re with that person. I guess the film made this clear. Watch it please!

Innocent Man,

Have you ever loved someone to the point of sacrificing even your future for it? Has anyone betrayed you and left you when you do not have anything at all? Have you ever done something to have what you believe was yours in the first place? A story of betrayal, revenge, and love … that’s what Innocent Man is. To be truthful, these three words is not enough to summarize this melodrama because it would give you different emotions all in one episode.

For me, it’s only a story of love. I just want to focus on that aspect because I have grown to love Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi. I love how their relationship blossom. They say first impression lasts and indeed that paved way to what I consider the rarest way of meeting the person who’d change your life. Nothing is easy as these two battle out for their lives. Maru approaching Eun Gi to take revenge while Eun Gi falling hard to the sincere Maru she thought he is. Everyone is in pain as Maru pushed Eun Gi away and Eun Gi accepting the reality that she’s just being used by the man she first loved.

Maru then realized that he is in love with Eun Gi and finding out about her lost of memory gave him hope that he can turn things around. It was an answered prayer for him so that they can start anew. It was his chance to show that he really love her but just when they’re both cast in the magic spell of love, Eun Gi regain her memories and despite wanting to hate Maru and despie him, she can’t because her heart cannot do so. What the brain would wanted to do, her heart won’t allow it. There are too many words left unsaid, too many emotions left hidden but it’s a matter of time when Maru had his share of amnesia. But what’s amazing about his is that he find his way back to Eun Gi. Not knowing that she is the girl he loves, they’d started to share new memories and life lesson with each other.

I am amazed with the struggle they went through and in the end they had a happy ending. I am thankful that they end up together, that nobody died and that Maru said he is “happy”. It’s a story of love that made me realize … when you find the right person, you can sacrifice everything you never thought you could. That most often that not persons who have trust issues fall too hard on people who shows their sincerity even if its a façade. That the heart recognize what your memory could not remember. 

I think I could watch this drama again though I’d skipped all the storyline related to Tae San, I’d just stick with Maru and Eun Gi as they both gave me shivers and reasons to love the drama. I am now a big fan of Song Joongki and has always admire Moon Chae Won. Anyone who’d want to get mad for the right reason and be in love even for the wrong reason, you’d better see this one for yourself. 

Suddenly It’s Magic,

Suddenly It’s Magic is a romantic film from Star Cinema starring Thai superstar Mario Maurer and Filipina beauty Erich Gonzales. To be truthful, I am dying to watch the film because of Mario Maurer. It’s his first film outside Thailand and the storyline is a good one too.

First, I am really looking forward to Mario Maurer’s acting. He really made an impression with his movie, “Crazy Little Thing called Love” together with Baifern. I really thought Baiferm will just have a cameo which is why I am deeply thrilled when I saw her as part of the film. I love her! She’s a true beauty and with her different participation with this film, I am impressed with her acting. She’s a total b*tch in the film but she’s gorgeous to be hated. But when she became Mario’s friend again, she’s a true darling.

Then, we have the main plot. Mario played Marcus, a Thai actor who’s thinking of quitting because his love Sirita (Baifern) is inlove with someone else and he has no choice for he needs to work with her as a pair. He decided to travel to the Philippines and met Joey played by Erich who is a Filipina baker and is currently broken hearted for her fiancee cheated on her. Mario looking for love and passion met the Erich which is passionate with what she does and is trying to heal the wounds in her heart.

Joross and Cacai were really funny part of the cast. Joross being the gay friend is super effective. Haha. I love him! :)) I also appreciate how the film captivated the beauty of Ilocos and Thailand. Now, I’m even eager to go to Ilocos. The cinematic scenes were effective and makes you feel the emotions further. The dual language film with English - Thai - Filipino made me love the movie more. Mario is very affectionate towards Erich. I can feel his emotions in every scene. He is funny when making “ligaw” and he even rapped. Hihi. 

I love the balloons too most especially that they were in red. I love the big cupcakes that Erich baked though she baked more than enough. It’s just that everything about Erich is on big serving; the dinner he made, the cupcakes and her heart. I also realize that she has a resemblance to Baifern. She showed Mario the fiesta in the Philippines and every beach scene they had was amazing. It was awesome! I also admire how she let go of Mario for them to fulfil their own dreams.

There were memorable exchange of conversations too. I love their lines most especially the ones from Mario himself. As much as I should have hated the role of his Mom, I didn’t because she’s comforting and understands the situation too. History kind of repeats itself but I really feel the love. 

I actually cried during the end of the film. Tears of joy actually. I felt kilig the entire film and I’m actually smiling all throughout because of the sweetest and simple things Mario and Erich portrayed. It looked so natural. Oh I love the film, I can actually watch the film again. Hihi. Mario Maurer :”>

Rich Man, Poor Woman

Rich Man, Poor Woman is the first Japanese drama I’ve finished in months. The last one was Papadol which I am not yet through either but this one drives me insane and curious at the same time. For starters, the writer of this drama is the same with Taisetsu, a Jdrama we finished early this year which is crazy. Next, I haven’t watched Oguri since forever so better check him out now. So we watched the 11 episode drama and finished it in 2 days. Yes, just 2 days. Hihi.

Japanese dramas are really short and the best they could offer is an 11 episode drama plus a SP if ever. Very rare do they offer a season 2 but I wish this one would have one. Nevertheless, one must watch this drama because it’s really inspiring and highly technological. Oguri here is a genius who wanted to change the world through technology and he does it best by providing different games but the story focuses on his want to have a better Profile system in Japan so that the citizens would know immediate information of their compensation and retirement plans plus basic information about them. Satomi is a college student at Tokyo University and lack confidence. She has been into job searching for months but she has never been hired but when she tried her luck at Next Innovation and faked her name, she was hired. 

I suggest that you watch the drama to further understand how faking her name made a big deal but just to give you a hint, Oguri here have this illness of not remembering people’s name except for the one used by Satomi. Saiki Abu is a sister of Oguri’s partner and has been in love with Oguri since they were young. I guess it’s the twist of fate that they are brought together tangled with one another. Aibu and Oguri’s story made me believe in soulmates again. The thing in Japan is about soulmates not friend zone. It’s when you get attached with one another … being someone’s person … giving them comfort … and precisely, just being the other half of the other but … not to the point that they end up happily ever after. Yeah, unfortunately, that was them. As much as they didn’t end up together, their friendship strengthen and together they crossed their own paths, Oguri being the president again of Next Innovation and Aibu as the Assistant Chef of her restaurant.

On the other hand, Oguri and Satomi’s story started as a blur. Satomi fell for Oguri’s charm, though he is short tempered, bossy, childish and mean to her, Satomi find herself admiring him and eventually, fall for him. For Oguri, Satomi was her source of strength because no matter how clueless, careless she is, her words would always give Oguri something to linger about. He would be inspired with Satomi’s determination and found someone to trust. Both of them find someone to depend on. Little do they know that they are inspiring each other and that no matter how hard they try to keep it, they cannot conceal the fact that love is radiating when they are together.

I have said enough about this drama. It is inspiring and every episode would always give you a “Wow”. It would leave you breathless and would push you to watch the next episode. For once in a Jdrama, I am happy that it had a ending, a good one actually, one that is different and happy. It ain’t a cliffhanger this time but I wish for more. You should really watch this drama. A great Jdrama offering for those die-hard Japanese fan out there.


As much as this should not be my concern now since the fight for championship is over and it’s a brand new month and I have too may school loads to do, yes I cannot get over the fact that they lost and that there’s a need for a dedication post for the Green Archers. Animo! Soo, I may not be studying at Main and honestly, I’m always half hearted with my support on the team because since 2006 I’ve been a Blue Eagles fan but the game last Saturday, my heart is all set for DLSU and I know until now that they could have nailed it or at least asked for an extension to prove their point.

The Green Archer’s had a great run this year. They’ve been through so many ups and downs and there are many doubts circulating the team this year. The past few season was not meant for them, last year they weren’t even a part of the Final 4 and with the new coach and injury of the main point guard, you can see the struggle of the team on early times. But I believe there’s a spark somewhere that hit me that this year, they will make it big and that they can do better than last year.

The photos are all owned by The LaSallian; official newspaper of DLSU.

So this is one of my favorite La Sallian player; Almond Vosotros. I didn’t know that he is already a junior meaning he is on his 3rd year. It was only this season that I became fond of him because he is an amazing player. He create plays and he never get tired of pushing and insisting difficult shots and he never give up on the team. I admire him because he’d shoot those money ball 3’s when needed the most and he has the heart that says “Never Shall We Fail.” During their game against the Ateneo, I was like he was so good and I cannot see what will go the wrong way but eventually things turned around and the rest is history. But Almond, all praises for your talent and determination.

The photos are all owned by The LaSallian; official newspaper of DLSU.

So this is my favorite match-up, Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng. You see they shouldn’t really go neck to neck against one another as Kiefer is PG and Jeron is SF but as these two are great good friends off the court they are contenders inside. Kiefer is one heck of a player, we all know that. During the last game he was all over the court like he’d get foul by Jeron or Van Opstal. He’d get pushed, he’d shoot 3’s, foul after another, assist and even steals; like he is doing the 5 position inside the court that’s how an all-rounder Kiefer is. But that’s it since Jeron is considered as a phenomenal rookie as he won the Rookie of the Year which is also won by his brother back in 2009. He deserves it, really. The moment I watched him play even before the UAAP, I knew he is the answer to the drought the Archers is experiencing. Pre-season wise he already showed what he is capable of and when the season enter he creates a name even further. He is amazing! He’s so buff and he’s huge, really. He’d make those jump shots and even thrilling unexpected shots which will get it. He even shoot that winning shot against UST on the 2nd round for a win which is impressive. He’s also great in defensive plays and of course, rebounds are his most of the time. But I guess one thing really missing about him is his capacity to shoot the free throws which were his weakness this season. He missed important free throws which is actually regretful. The last foul, Kiefer gave him on their Final 4 match meant a lot. You see, Kiefer was smiling I don’t know what’s with his mind but I think he is smiling because he knows for sure that free throws is Jeron’s weakness and he nailed a good foul.

But Jeron, don’t be sad nor frustrated about what happen. You’re a young, very young player and you can practice those free throws because once you do, you’re a big threat inside the court. It’s like you can do almost everything. I know you can improve and make the most out of your talent. You’re a well rounded player and you make smart choices inside, all you have to do is improve and gain that confidence in you. Way to go, Jeron! You really reminds me of Joseph Yeo and sometimes TY Tang which another reason why I appreciate you so much.

The photos are all owned by The LaSallian; official newspaper of DLSU.

But this is the best picture of the DLSU - ADMU game for me. Thomas Torres helping out Juami Tiongson when he suffered from cramps on the latter part of the game. For me this is heartwarming because as the rivalry intensifies and the game is on its last minutes, Thomas didn’t forget to help and lend a helping hand to his opponent. Thomas is a rookie and as much as I know that the rivalry is within him, he also has the La Sallian heart with him since he’s in his younger days. I just love this picture, actually this part. Enough said.

Thomas actually had a good season as a rookie as he replace LA as the starting PG and he managed to shoot good and created plays for his team mates and he also stepped up when needed. I know that he’ll continue grow and become a better PG for the next season. I wish him all the best and that he’d continue to have that La Sallian heart in him.

And wait, to the graduating players; Webb and Mendoza if I am right. Thank you for the 5 years you’ve spent fighting with the Archer’s squad. You gave it all and the entire community is very proud of everything you’ve done and everything you all dream of. Goodluck on your future endeavours. 

Great run my dear Archers, I am very proud of the team. I feel bad when others belittle you guys because they do not know how much hard work you have put to make be back to where you belong. I know it takes so much physical, emotional and psychological strength to overcome all the hurdles of this season. You guys showed Ateneo a real good fight and come next season, I know you’ll beat them. I know you’d have more reason to intensify that heat, fire burning heart of determination and passion to have back the championship at Taft. Animo La Salle! Never Shall We Fail!

The Mistress,

The Mistress is this year’s offering of Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. Every year this famous love team would have a movie that will go viral and would make everyone love them even more. This year, The Mistress is a film that proved how much these two have grown in the industry. It is a mature film and the ending is not the typical ending in Philippine movies.

So, it’s a story of love; love that seems right when reality dictates it isn’t. Love that wanted to be recognize but for some reason it cannot be done. And a story of betrayal, who affected and defined the lives they took. Furthermore, a story of ones love for family and how misunderstanding brought them apart but eventually lead them to each other’s arms. It’s a unique film showcasing the reality of having third parties in a relationship. The reality that behind the public image of a happy family, somewhere in between they are hurt and still hurting.

The film would show how the typical “I hate my parent for cheating, but I did the same” thing. Sometimes we hate our parents for doing the wrong but you end up seeing yourself doing the same. You tend not to forgive them, but you realize when you did the same, your parents would still accept you. The film showcased very strong, emotional and dramatic conversations which would keep you off your feet. 

I love John Lloyd in ever film he portrays because he is not your typical sexy dude but he is one of the best actors in the industry. He delivers those words with full conviction, he acts so natural that you’ll get into each scene. Bea on the other hand does the same, when she cries you can feel the burden she carries and when she got mad you can feel intensity of the scene. I admire those spicy exchange of lines between these two and most especially how John Lloyd pursued Bea. But Ms. Hilda Koronel portrayed that wife who loved her husband so much that she would never leave him despite that he is being taken away by another lady. She’s a brave soul and I’m run out of words on how awesome of an actress she is. Mr. Ronaldo Valdez always gives me that strong personality in every role he does.

The film would also tell you how men could cheat but still be forgiven and how when a lady cheat and she’d pay for that for the rest of her life. You’d also see how every mistress have the story of their own and that they never chose to be one it’s just that maybe, it’s for their family. Betrayal has always been a factor in films like this. Betrayal that starts even from the roots and how it outgrown the fact that admitting and forgiveness should be considered. 

I love the film despite that I cannot relate from it. I love how the characters are tangled with one another and they’re tied up with one another. I love how the characters respect each other. I admire the intensity of the drama portrayed. I adore the sensitivity and reality the film brings to real life drama. I love the wedding at that cave and the beautiful lanterns. I love those sweet and small gestures of John Lloyd to persuade Bea. And I love how the ending is realistic; that maybe some love are better off without the other. That maybe if their life isn’t as messed up as what had happened, they could have been together. Than you can still love the other half despite not being together. That what matters is that the feeling is mutual despite not being in each others arms. 

Congratulations Star Cinema, you made it once again. It’s a film that should be watched by everyone whether in a relationship or not. It gives you a better understanding of forgiveness, love and betrayal. Must watch! 

The Reunion,

The Reunion is a film offering from Star Cinema this August which is a tribute to Eraserheads which for me is probably one of the best bands that ever existed in the Philippines Music Industry. The movie have the hottest youth of this generation with Enchong Dee, Kean Cirpriano, Enrique Gil and Xian Limm to mention. And when you have all handsome, charming and talented guys, you know what to expect; a film filled with laughters and good memories from high school.

From the beginning I cannot help from laughing because it’s super funny. I didn’t know that these guys can be good comedians or let’s just say that they have an exemplary humour that captured the heart of the people. They are all good friends from high school whose life was in a trash years after because of one mistake they did back then. During their high school reunion they realized how messed up they are and started to pick every pieces and get in back with their life. Of course, they need to meet their ex-girlfriends again to ask for forgiveness and eventually some had their happy endings.

Kean Cipriano whose partner is Bangs Garcia have a unique chemistry. I never imagined that they would have a very sensual but attractive pairing who is very intriguing. And I was so jealous by the number of times they had kissing scenes. Well, in case you didn’t know I love Kean and Enchong. Haha. And by the way, it’s one of the sweetest thing when Kean sung on their school’s radio studio just to proclaim his love to Bangs. Sweet :”> Xian Lim and Megan Young were a cute couple and their son at the film was super duper cutie. But I must say Megan had too many kisses from Xian. Tsk. Lucky girl! Haha. I was able to appreciate Enrique Gil from the film. You see I am not his fan but I was able to have that crush on him after the film. He’s just so sweet most especially with those basketball messages :”> Plus, Julia Montes is probably one of the luckiest girl ever. She had too many amazing and gorgeous leading man. Hayyy. And she reminds me of Claudine Baretto so much. She’s like the modern time Claudine. And of course, we have my dear Enchong Dee and Christine Reyes. Well they didn’t really have much of a long connection in the film but instead Enchong was with Jesse Mendiola who I must say have natural chemistry with him. I am always amazed with how Enchong would just complement every leading lady he’ll have. It’s like he can be paired with anyone and their pair would be a hit. Plus, Matt Evans portraying a gay role was a win! And heyyy, Janus was also there and he’s so funny :)) Slater Young’s kissing scene with this random I don’t know lady was the shocker of all :o

I love the film so much because it made me realize how the bond on high school really lasts for a long time. When you have so much connection with your friends it’s like you wouldn’t be alone in every fight and you’ll always have the best time. And sometimes you have to stop searching for things because the answer is right there with you. You see those friend zone types, you have to stop that because the person who loves you the most is that one person who never gives up on you. Stop being manhid because that won’t help you open your eyes in seeing the person who loves you the most. 

I must say I need another film like this. It’s very simple but super fun. It’s about friendship and love. It’s about finding family with your friends and spending all your ups and downs with them. Must watch film I would say! I’m giving a 5/5 for this. Not your typical story, not too much drama, just the right blend.