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I always have a simple joy of finding a fellow NBA fan. Usually they are guys but random do I find people who support the same team as mine. And today, as Julius catch my phone a number of times, he noticed my wallpaper. And yes, even if it’s been already a year and he’s back in action I still keep him as my wallpaper. None other than. Rajon Rondo. The good thing is, Julius is a fan too ‘cause of his Uncle who lives in Boston and apparently a way more Rondo fan than I am. There’s always a little comfort talking to someone about basketball enthusiastically. 

Goodbye to an Era,

Right at this moment, I am in disbelief on the deal that would send KG and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn. In just a span of a week, Boston lost the major pieces of the 2008 championship. Coach Doc Rivers headed to LA for the Clippers. The reality of it hasn’t quite bite me yet but seeing him on the press con, and was introduced as the new head coach and VP for Basketball Operations; you got to slowly digest the reality that he won’t be back on the bench of the Celtics. And just when I thought, that was enough for now, Danny Ainge didn’t think so.

Now, KG and Paul will be heading to Brooklyn. WOW. I do not know what else to say. How can you send two of your veterans, those two person whom this organizations loved, and has cling with? How can you deal them both at the same time? This may be emotional but damn, I really believe that KG and Paul deserve a Celtics retirement. I don’t know which is uglier, trading Rondo before or now leaving him with apparently no one. No one from his previous core team. Now, he must step up. He must guide this team. He must act like a total leader ‘cause the rebuilding Celtics will likely to depend on him.

So far, I haven’t see the good in Danny Ainge’s moves this offseason. The rookie they got was a so-so according to sources. Well I really hope this tremendous move of KG and Paul would mean an addition of perhaps Josh Smith, or perhaps he could look for other free agents whose deal would make into the cap. But still, it won’t be easy to accept that comes October KG and Paul wouldn’t be wearing green and white. It totally sucks! 

Is rebuilding this bad? ‘Cause it’s my first time to witness it. Goodbye to an amazing era in Boston. I didn’t expect that the lost against the Knicks would pull the trigger for the era to end. I never thought time would come for this to happen. Maybe basketball is still about business. The rings, banners, and the luxury of it. 



I couldn’t find a group photo of the Celtics therefore I chose to use a picture capturing the heart and the captain of the team. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Enough said.

I didn’t realize that I would be writing this so soon. Well, I know for a fact that ever since Rajon Rondo went down ‘cause of ACL, the team would definitely come short this playoffs season. The 2012-2013 season, has never been easy for this team. Let’s start from the offseason when Ray Allen decided to head to South Beach for his run for another ring. For Ray, it was the ring, the championship he seeks for. Okay, I understand that but I’d be lying if I’d say I’m okay with that. Then, here comes the new season where they started as if they weren’t the Boston Celtics who almost went to the NBA Finals. It was shaky  The new guys like Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Jared Sullinger wasn’t able to find their rhythm and the sad reality was that the Celtics itself, wasn’t able to find its identity. But Avery Bradly came in December and they started to post an aggressive and solid defense. However, they’re still below the .500 mark. During their 2nd meeting with the Heat for the season, the biggest change for the Celtics season happened with the announcement of Rajon Rondo’s torn ACL. The guys just found out after the game, after an overtime game to win by 2 against the Heat. The world came crashing with the news of Rondo’s injury. Who would have thought that he had one when during their Atlanta game, he played for the overtime and had his triple double. But that’s life, everything needs to move on. The Celtics then had a good run, 7-0 in their next couple of games. Questions of whether they are better without Rondo surfaced but that didn’t matter to any of them ‘cause they’re all here to win. Jeff Green slowly showed consistency. Paul is Paul being the captain and being ever reliable. KG is known for his defensive play and continuously hit his favorite shots. But injury came after another with Sullinger’s back, torn ACL for Barbosa and here comes the trade deadline with Barbosa and Collins heading to Washington for Jordan Crawford. Then, after a good run here comes losing streaks again. Nothing has ever been consistent with this team, but you know that when they’re backs are against the wall, they would fight for their lives. KG and Paul had their share of injury but luckily Jeff Green, and some of the new guys like Shavik Randolph, White and Terrence William delivers. Despite losing the remaining games of the regular season, they escaped the Heat during the first round but had a tough match against the Knicks; heated rivalry if I could say. The series was never easy, but it was worth watching. Down 0-3 but they were able to comeback. Many believed it could have been the most epic if not the greatest comeback if they were able to push a Game 7. Unfortunately, they didn’t. It was over now. The Knicks move on to the Semis while the Celtics have an early offseason to ponder on crucial matters that will change the entire organization.

When everything was said and done, I am proud of everything that this Celtics team achieved this season. When everyone believed they even couldn’t reach the playoffs, they proved them wrong. Paul and KG were phenomenal. They are the leaders of this team. KG will always be the heart of the team. He played tremendous on that Game 5 victory. He dominated the boards, and played against Father time. The same thing with Paul; he has always been the top option on crunch time shots and he delivers what he can. Credits also to Jason Terry for his dominating OT play on Game 4 and of course, Jeff Green who earned the love and respect from the Celtics nation. These team went on greater heights this season. They do not simply to the talk, but they do the walk. Their fourth quarter run on Game 6 was unbelievable  How can you make a 20-0 run? It’s as if they stopped the time, and shot baskets. It was surreal. But they did it. These Celtics team didn’t lose without putting a good fight. This Celtics team has the heart of a champion and won’t just give up even when people already give up on them. I am so proud of them. It maybe a sad farewell game at the Garden for the season, but it makes everyone who watched live, or at home or from some distance, proud of the Celtics team. It makes everyone honored to live in Boston and having these team represent them.

The future is uncertain for everyone. Coach Doc hasn’t confirmed yet if he’ll be coaching next season. Trade talks about Paul and Rondo surfaces again. KG’s retirement is likely to happen. The team can be blown up to start the rebuilding for a new era. Every end of the season it has always been this way but it gets tougher as the captain and the big ticket gets older. Personally, I would want for Paul and KG to comeback next season, HEALTHY. Because Paul has lived, has played his entire career as a Celtics and wished to retire as one as well. I remember him saying that if ever he’ll be traded, he wished to go back as a Celtics, and have a ONE day deal to retire as a Celtic. You see in his eyes how he wished to play for the same organization until the last second of his career. The same thing with KG, I know how much Paul influenced his decision to comeback each season. I know he ain’t getting younger. Physically, it’s getting tiring; emotionally it might be exhausting but mentally, I know he can prevail. But I wish to see him play one more year. Even if he will not finish his contract, just another run; another chance to see if it becomes possible to have another NBA ring. When Rondo gets back and is healthy like he always does, I know they can run again. Rondo learned a lot while he’s out. He had seen the potentials of every player which he might have overlooked when he’s playing. He had learned how the team played and went on without him. He maybe stubborn but he’s a smart player, and I believe if it’s for the team, he’ll adjust and do whatever it takes for another championship. Hopefully as well, we’ll see more of the “national tv” Rondo and diminish the other Rondo in him. If Danny Ainge could pull off and make a deal in having a better backcourt for the bench & a big guy to still have an intimidating post defense like what KG does, then I think we’re good. We could give a shot for another championship run next season.

Another tough season has ended. I cannot believe that in a span of a week, I’m also on early NBA vacation. I’ll be waiting for the next season to arrive. In my heart, I know it’s going to be fast. And I believe that next season, this team will comeback stronger; physically  emotionally and mentally ready for the hurdles to come. Being a Celtic means not giving up, and always carry with them the Celtics pride. Number 18 may just be around the corner, and who knows if next season is the right time. For now, have a good rest my dear. Get healthy and be back in shape. Because we’re all going to wait for another fight, we’re going to fight even harder. Needless to say, I’m proud to where we are now, and I’m thankful for a roller coaster season who might not ended the way we wanted it to be, but ended with the Celtics pride written all over it. Be Strong Boston! We’ll see you next season.

Happy Birthday, Rajon Rondo (Belated)

Happy Birthday, Rajon Rondo! I know my message for you came a little late but I hope you read my tweets because until you get back on the court, I’d never get tired of asking how are you.

But indeed, Happy Birthday to one of the greatest if not the best point guard in the league. He’s the most appropriately stylish too. The reason why I’m a Celtic and why I even loved point guards. He’s timid and sometimes self conceited. He can be really playful with the guys he is close with and he can be hard headed at the same time. A true loyal young man who always have his team’s back. Unselfish enough to dish out an assist even if the opportunity calls for him. He is kind and considerate. He loves New York and loves the Beijing Chicken. Hardworking but sometimes impatient. Entertaining to watch and talented. He can be serious most of the times which makes his smile such a treasure to keep. And definitely, my favorite guy in the league next to Kobe Bryant. 

This year is a tough year for him and I really wish he could open up his heart and share how was he. I’ve been dying to hear something from him which made me happy when he finally tweeted to thank everyone for their prayers and support. He’s a very professional man who doesn’t speak of his personal life that much and who’s sole focus is the sport he now loves. I know he’s on a difficult situation right now, with all the news about his trade, ACL injury and just being out of the court. But with the success of his surgery and his rehabilitation; he’s one step closer day by day to his comeback and he’s be better than what he used to be.

I believe Rondo will be back soon. He’d be ready for October’s training camp and would be very much prepared for next season’s challenge. I hope he won’t be traded but if he will, I hope it will be at the Lakers. But anyhow, to Rajon Rondo, my favorite point guard, I really hope to see you soon. I really hope you’ll get better. I hope you’d always be motivated and inspired. And remember, that no matter what happens you have Team Rondo to back you up; waiting and praying for your successful return and we love you so much. Go Rondo! Happy Birthday! 

What’s Up ;)

Hi. It’s been the longest while, I know. And tons of things happen to me. Really, like gigantically. Haha. Exaggerating a bit ‘cause some things just needs greater emphasis. So, yes, let’s start me sharing my experiences the past few weeks.

For starters, our Midterms was last week so you expect me to be all stressful which I was. The schedule of the examinations were a so-so because it’s good that our exams are on late schedules like 10am, but sucks that all the majors are compressed again on the first two days. Advacc and Tax are paired for Monday and Cost and ACOM for Tuesday. Tax was a little friendly maybe because the lesson was easy to understand and I’ve also read the book this time. But Advacc is ASDFGHJKL. The exam was for 3 hours but I answered mine for just 1 hour and half because it already brought so much headache. It sucks that Mam included most from Chapter 16 which is the most difficult and all confusing. Huhu. /wrist Tuesday came and thanks to CJ, we have cheats for ACOM and I was able to study for Cost. The first person I saw at campus was Xyrens which didn’t gave me the chills maybe because I am focused with Cost and also maybe because he’s explaining things to his girl. But after a while, I find myself smiling because it’s been a while that I’ve heard his voice and he’s happy speaking to her girl. Sweet ;) So ACOM went well and Cost kind of went well too. I was able to answer based on what I’ve studied. That night, was another movie night with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, at Cinema One and as you could infer already, I also had another movie night last Sunday with “Kung Ako na Lang Sana”, it’s a classic. It’s one of the best movie of all time and the root of all “friend zone” movie in the history of Philippine cinema ;) Haha. So, HBO exam went okay. That’s the only exam we had last Wednesday and just like that the exam was over. It’s as if it only took us around 20 to 30 minutes to answer the exam. I went straight home and got annoyed because the bus I was in had some malfunction and we need to transfer.I asked my friends if we could hangout but we end up not going out. But that night was filled with great meal. We tried caramelized apple then we have Kitkat too. Hooray!

Last Thursday was job hunt day for me. I went to Makati with Prince, King, Ivan and Jayvie to look for a company for our OJT and as always, I’m the one who wait for them only to find out that they went completely on the other direction. Ugh. But anyhow, we were able to apply at BDO, and by surprise we took this examination with personality, logical, abstract and english proficiency related. Followed by a scheduled interview the same afternoon. It was a shock! It made me nervous but furious. We then roam around Ayala Ave., and passed resumes at other companies. By fate we saw Kuya Odc and he gave us advice on which company to try. He accompany us to a few, and we then had an idea where to try. We went to PSE and had lunch at Chic Boy in Insular Life building. The same afternoon the interview was scheduled and Ms. Rachelle is absolutely stunning and pleasing. I think my interview went okay, and I’m quite 50-50 if I’d get in. If I will, I’d be thrilled if not, well maybe it’s not for me. We went to Greenbelt then and spend time at Timezone where King sang his heart out. Of course by request he sang my favorite “Just the Way You Are” which always give me chills :”> Then we spent another hour at Mcdo just talking. And by the way, Ms. Rachelle even thought that King and I were a thing. Haha. Crazyyy idea well he’s so clingy! Haha.

Last day of examinations today and I’m glad it’s so over. And of course, Law is the last but definitely not the least. The coverage was 200+ pages and it was insane. I spent only 4 hours of sleep just to read everything that’s needed.I left roughly 4 questions in the identifications and it was mind blowing. Ugh. But the consolation was that we were able to hangout. Yes, the unplanned hangout with Reena, Crisabel and Carla pushed through. Lunch time at Aristocrat and we walked around and sat at this Activity Center while thinking if we’d play bowling. Funny how we decided to end up drinking instead but that didn’t happen either. Instead, we went to my crib and watched Yes or No. A hangout with them will not be complete without the wacky photos and exchange of stories. I missed them so much. Something never change. It has always been the sameever since and until now. Great great hangout with ze high school friends. Love themm! Laughing with them has always been the best! Love youu pretty gals >:D<

And now, I was just thinking if being passionate over basketball is bad? I mean, I am simply passionate and into NBA lately because of …. I don’t even know. I just love the league.I love watching them, I am enjoying every game and I am hyped with every play. I love how my hunger for knowledge about the sport is being filled whenever I watch the different games and what I learn from them. I love seeing Kobe give his praises to Rondo. I hate how the Celtics thinks they are better without Rondo. I love hot Celtics are winning. I am afraid that Lakers will not make it to the playoffs. I am waiting for Rondo’s return. I am enjoying the clips of CP3’s son because he’s charming. I am anticipating if Dwight gets the urgency Kobe wants him to see. I enjoy this talk at NBA Gametime with Shaq, Chuck and 2 other guys. I can’t help but laugh over Shaq’s hillarious collection of NBA funny things. I am looking forward to the NBA All Star. I am open with the idea of Rondo being traded for as long it will be with the other teams I also prefer. Haha. I just love the league itself. If it’s so damn wrong to be enthusiastic about it, I couldn’t care less.

Now, I’m looking forward to the university week. Yes! I can smell less stress and more freedom :)

Get well soon, Rajon Rondo


I wanted to see that smile of Rondo again.

Today, I woke up with the saddest news ever since I’ve closely watched the NBA. You see before, I was the “Finals” fan only. I’d only watch the league when it’s already the Finals and I’d get hyped and see new players but eventually when the next season came, I’d just don’t watch at all. But ever since last season, things changed. I became “the” fan! I’d look closely to the games of my favorite teams and monitor the stats of my favorite players and one of which is Rajon Rondo.

He’s my favorite PG in the league. I consider him as the best even if I know Derrick Rose can play better, well he was an MVP, right. But that doesn’t matter. Rondo for me showed passion, dedication and heart in the game he never thought he’d play professionally. His athleticism and the mere fact that he can be all over the court, guarding guys way taller than he is made me admire how much heart he has for the game. Actually, this season he is enjoying the peak of his career. Ever since Allen decided to play under the Heat, the rebuilding block of Celtics is cored with Rondo for he is what the Celitics future would be. His game this season is phenomenal. Despite the downs of missing 4 games due to suspension and a game due to twisted ankle injury, he had played so well. 

Remember how his assist streak was tied with Magic Johnson at 27 games and how he had 5 triple-game this season and how he is the league leader in assists with 11.1. Yeah, that’s Rajon Rondo. He is not afraid to go against the tough guys. He has showed that he is the leader of the Celtics whenever he’d carry the burden of team when the team’s not working as a team. He will also have his 4th All Star appearance and now as the starting PG and just the other day, he was hyped and thanking all of his fans for their votes.

But suddenly, the world came crashing as he tore his ACL against Atlanta last Friday. It came as a shock to me. Why? Because during the over time, I never see any sign that he’s suffering from a knee injury. But maybe that’s what make Rondo really special, he never wish to burden his teammates when he know he can still work and play. I am frustrated. I am saddened. I am depressed. I am afraid. You see, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard of ACL was Derrick Rose. D.Rose until now is out because of the ACL injury he had last playoffs. I am afraid that Rondo would suffer just like him. I’m also afraid that he’d be out not simply of this season but the entire 2013. I’ve read how long the rehabilitation is and it will took more than 6 months and based on the history of some NBA players, the longest was 1 year and as for D.Rose, almost 10 months. 

But you know what, I then realize that I am underestimating Rajon if I’d say I’m afraid of this and that. Because, Rondo is a fighter. I’ve never seen anyone so strong willed and full of determination. You can see fire in his eyes and you can see how willing he is to still play despite the torn ACL he is suffering. Rondo is no joke. He is not the type of guy who would not easily give up because of an injury. I’ve read tweets of NBA players wishing him well and the most heartfelt ones are from Kobe and Perk. As Kobe stated Rondo is his favorite player to watch. I have so much respect for Rondo that I don’t want to doubt his comeback. I wouldn’t doubt Celtics capacity to still enter the playoffs either because I believe they wouldn’t let Rondo and the gazillion of Celtics fan down and I would support Rondo ‘till he came back.

ACL is dreadful and everyone knows how painful the entire process is. And Celtics is aware that they couldn’t get the ring this season, as much as how Bulls didn’t get through without D.Rose and so does for the other team. But, Rondo is the one who will dictate how long he’d be out because the Rondo I know is always excited about practice, and is willing to play immediately when he gets the go signal from his doctor, trainer and Coach Doc. 

Get well soon, Rajon Rondo. I am emotional until now but you’re a fighter. I’d wait patiently for you. I bet you’d be excited when you find out that a NFL trainer will be with you, remember how you wish to play at NFL instead. Best of luck, Rondo. And according to KD, he wouldn’t want his best enemy to suffer from ACL so better show him that ACL wouldn’t keep you down. Ajaa Rondo! Fighting!

I want to cry …

I am so fucking emotional right now. I had a good day in general. First day of midterms exam went well. We had Acom today and by the power of the handouts or as I would call it, cheats, I was able to answer the exam well. But the last part though, the data flow diagram now that’s challenging. It’s such a burden with almost 1/4 of the exam representing that part. But anyways, Mike gave us sweet treats. We had brownies and leche flan and it was the best. His Mom homemade sweet treats are so tasty and I would love to have more :”> Thank you, Mike! Though I totally forgot his birthday. I thought it would be tomorrow, I didn’t know it was last 26. I am sorry, Mike for forgetting your special day. But thanks for the amazing treat! You’re soo the best.

I drop by at the gym today and had a lot of fun. I was able to run for 19.2 laps and managed to shed 500 calories, at least that’s what the treadmill said. Haha. It was refreshing to run for that long. I am really grateful for the great run. I also manages to stretch my muscle even further and also walk my way to Festival. That was a great workout. I even saw an old couple working out together at the gym. They are so cute and I find them so sweet that until now they remain to be together. They should be the image of what love really is :”) I didn’t grab any snacks which is the right decision ever because we had a great dinner with squid. Nomnom. And I’ve also watch some videos of Rondo as he started his skills drill today with some UAAP and NCAA players. He showed and taught them his most commonly used moves at the league and I must say, he just stand like the usual Filipino ballers do. He’s 6’1 which is like height of Kiefer. But he has gone so much! I’m still bitter of not seeing him :(

But just now, I feel like crying. I want to watch the 2nd round game of Ateneo and La Salle but the tickets are already gone. I cannot reserve online and MLS offers ticket only up to Upper Box. I want ticket for Lower Box or Patron. In case you know anyone who can sell me their tickets at the very reasonable price, please message me as soon as you can. Thank youu! Please, this will be the best birthday gift I may receive and this is the only game I am sure that I can watch so please I need tickets. PLEASEEEEE. 

You don’t say …

It’s just the start of the week. You see today is simply Monday but I had quite a number of disappointments unto my day. Woke up without electricity and forgot that I was suppose to meet with my best friend. I was up last night ‘till 2am to finish this finance paper due this week but I wasn’t able to start because it totally cracks my brain into pieces. It’s just freakin’ hard and I cannot comprehend properly. I woke up late around almost 11am and didn’t hit the gym because I have to prioritize my upcoming midterms examination. 

And then … The electricity was out until this afternoon so I decided to just head to Laguna instead. But I was able to read a few page of Catching Fire and had a glimpse on what to study for Acom. Just when we left and already at the bus my sister called and told me that the electricity is back. Fcker. Ugh. But the biggest surprise is yet to be revealed.

A tweet from ANC made me know that my baby, Rajon Rondo is in Manila because of Red Bull and there are 3 lucky fans who’ll get to meet and greet him. LIKE SERIOUSLY, HOW COME I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THAT? :( It was as heartbreaking as not watching the exhibition game when Kobe, KD and the rest went here like a year ago </3 I so want to see Rondo and now that he is in Manila could be a perfect timing but we’re not meant to be so no Rondo :( It’s just sad. It totally made me so upset. Hayyy.

I still have to finish this Finance paper though I had started already. I was intimidated with Kuya Odc’s work because he’s training alongside our professor and I feel like my work wouldn’t even be at the slightest level than that of his. Okay, insecurity kills. Tsk. So must get going now. I’ve got a pile of academics stuff waiting for me. I miss those times when I have to think about myself and find my self. I seriously need some soul searching. Till then, xoxo

Not the end,

The picture is rightfully owned by:

As you may have seen despite the happiness I have over Rafael Nadal’s win I still cannot move on from the lost of Boston Celtics the other day. I’m sorry if I were to rant about this in the coming days and if ever my page will be filled with Green, White and Black jerseys because until today I am still affected with what happened.

Just this afternoon I read an article with the title One More Time. How I wish Ainge would reconsider the thought of having The Big 4 back. Rondo in my perspective is the best point guard in the league and despite his issues about being thrown out of the game or sometimes being short tempered I think he leads this team right. Coach Rivers would even agree to that for his thinks that inside the court, Rondo is the leader. He can make up a new Big 4 with Rondo as the lead; a younger and more competitive team but why not give the original Big 4 another try? Haven’t they prove their worth in the team this playoff season?

True enough the Big 3 is aging but if they manage to keep healthy wouldn’t they remain to be competitive. Everyone may have their injuries but I know Allen can recover and he doesn’t show any sign of that injury during the playoffs so I know he can recover. I mean, the team has a lot to offer. With Big 4, they can get another ring and continue the era they already started. 

I just have so much faith in the team that I don’t want to let them go. An article also in Yahoo from a fan’s perspective also wishes and believes that Big 4 is to stay for another season. I know they will and I am positive about it. I will not stop believing that the team can take another step forward with KG, Allen, Rondo and Pierce. The team has so much potential, they can simply have a younger bench line up to take place of the starter when they have to rest. I guess that’s what they need. They have to make considerations and give another chance for Big 4.

I am Celtic and until no list of final roster for next season appears, I will continue believing and hoping that by next season I’ll be seeing my favorite players of Boston Celtics playing together wearing the same jersey they have; fighting hard for another Championship and together with Coach Rivers, having a family that cares and love one another to reach one goal. 

If you wish to read the articles:


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Today, June 10th on our country but the night of June 9th on the United States is probably one of the most depressing event in my sports fandom. I love sports most especially basketball and I do love this team. I became their fan during the 2010 finals because they faced my favorite team, Lakers. I will never forget that season because that’s when I became aware of Rajon Rondo.

Through time I lost in track of the team because I wasn’t active at all but then this season I’m back again and I’ve been rooting for them on the East Conference. I was actually looking forward to another Lakers - Celtics Finals but that didn’t happen when Lakers lost against OKC. During this season I became attached to the team and became a big fan most especially in the playoff season.

The Big Four is probably the hardest starter to defeat in the entire league. Rajon Rondo had an amazing season with his highest score of 40 during Game 5 of the quarterfinals. He got a big game with his triple doubles and geez that 40 points? You’re amazing! I would always smile and sometimes laugh with Paul Pierce reaction whenever he would be called for a foul and during the last games he was fouled out. I’ll miss his plays and amazing shots. Kevin Garnett’s hook shots and blocking always give me something to look at under the basket and inside the paint. While Rey Allen’s experience in ball handling and passing never fails to amaze me most especially when he he hits surprising 3’s. Celtics also have surprising players like Bass who’s amazing on Game 7 and so does Bradley.

Pierce is the captain I have never seen to give up. Even during the end of Game 6, you can see in him that he still wants to fight even if the time is not enough. Game 7 is a heartbreak but I know they tried. I know they gave their best effort. I know and I believe that they have given their whole heart in the game. I am afraid of what the next season would become. As I watch Coach Doc Rivers interview, I feel like he’s also trying, trying to hold his tears because as much as I believe as so he does, this is the best team of Boston for me.

I am afraid of what next season would be like. Rey Allen and Kevin Garnett will be free agents as their contract ends this summer. Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo still has 1 year left in their contract. I know we must admit that the line up of Celtics are aging but can they give the Big 4 another season? Just one season to prove that they can make it to finals again and bring home the championship. Though many said that the likely of Allen and KG to be on the same team again is small but how I wish it is possible. Yes indeed it’s time to create a new Big 4 with Rondo but I cannot imagine Celtics with Allen, KG and Pierce. I cannot imagine Rondo being traded ‘cause I’ve seen and love him wearing a green jersey with Celtics and in my mind, I think he fits there. All I’m asking is for one more season. Their team play is the best I’ve seen so far in Celtics, so please I hope they will consider.

I am a proud Celtics fan and I know they are still the kings of the East. Miami just got lucky this time because of what, Lebron? Okay. Since he’s the new MVP, allow him. But then, I just saddened by the lost. It’s as if I became a part of the team. I am a part of the big Celtics nation and I’m proud of it. Big 4 for next season please because I’m not prepared to say goodbye yet. I recently had a certain attachment to the team that it felt like I’ll be saying goodbye to a part of me which I am not ready. So I’m positive, and praying and hoping that Celtics will come back next season with Allen, KG, Pierce and Rondo.