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As you may have seen despite the happiness I have over Rafael Nadal’s win I still cannot move on from the lost of Boston Celtics the other day. I’m sorry if I were to rant about this in the coming days and if ever my page will be filled with Green, White and Black jerseys because until today I am still affected with what happened.

Just this afternoon I read an article with the title One More Time. How I wish Ainge would reconsider the thought of having The Big 4 back. Rondo in my perspective is the best point guard in the league and despite his issues about being thrown out of the game or sometimes being short tempered I think he leads this team right. Coach Rivers would even agree to that for his thinks that inside the court, Rondo is the leader. He can make up a new Big 4 with Rondo as the lead; a younger and more competitive team but why not give the original Big 4 another try? Haven’t they prove their worth in the team this playoff season?

True enough the Big 3 is aging but if they manage to keep healthy wouldn’t they remain to be competitive. Everyone may have their injuries but I know Allen can recover and he doesn’t show any sign of that injury during the playoffs so I know he can recover. I mean, the team has a lot to offer. With Big 4, they can get another ring and continue the era they already started. 

I just have so much faith in the team that I don’t want to let them go. An article also in Yahoo from a fan’s perspective also wishes and believes that Big 4 is to stay for another season. I know they will and I am positive about it. I will not stop believing that the team can take another step forward with KG, Allen, Rondo and Pierce. The team has so much potential, they can simply have a younger bench line up to take place of the starter when they have to rest. I guess that’s what they need. They have to make considerations and give another chance for Big 4.

I am Celtic and until no list of final roster for next season appears, I will continue believing and hoping that by next season I’ll be seeing my favorite players of Boston Celtics playing together wearing the same jersey they have; fighting hard for another Championship and together with Coach Rivers, having a family that cares and love one another to reach one goal. 

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