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My turn,

Thought of writing something about myself. Just in case anyone is interested in reading ;)

Honestly, before the emotional downfall of the Celtics today, I’m having a good time. As you notice, it’s already May which means my internship is likely to be done in 2 weeks time. I am happy that I can feel summer vacation, finally. But sad as well ‘cause I’ll probably miss people at the office and so does our clients. And my May was off to a good start considering that last May 1, I received a random yet sweet message from Jay. “Uyy, bachoy, miss na kita”. Yeah, that’s what he said. It’s sweet to read something like that the first thing in the morning. And, I also had a short chat with Jules whom I miss so dearly. He’s my co-intern and I miss him around. Super funny even if we’re just chatting. Haha. So, last Friday I was at our office after quite sometime to do my time record for April 15 to 30. I do not have my immediate bosses so Ms. Abby was the closest. She gave me tasks that I eventually finish easily. She’s really kind and funny so I had a great time working with her. Lunch time, I was alone and went around to check on places to eat. Luckily, I found the nearest Subway at RCBC and thrilled that the place is spacious and there weren’t lots of people when I came in. Of course, a sub is always awesome. Had a full lunch and I also get a free trial at Fitness First also at RCBC. I was flattered because the guy giving out these free trials really thought I’m really working already. So, I guess, I’m maturing. ;) Anyways, my afternoon was spent at the OS wherein I had to scan documents Ms. Jade ask me to and it was my first time to use the photocopy/ scan machine. Even typically interns would do that, it was just my first and I must say, I had fun doing it. My first run was a complete failure. I scanned every document the other way around. I’m just thankful that for the second round, Kuya Mark was there to help me out. Then, I did Ms. Abby a favor. And speaking, she was stunned and having this evil smile when I was able to accomplish the forms needed for my TR with signature form Ms. Vanj. If you know her, you know what I mean.

My evening was different ‘cause it was like a reward.  I went to the gym as scheduled and had a really good run. I saw my favorite trainer and this artist from ABS-CBN namely Marco, I guess. Then, I had dinner with my sister and Yomi at Pepper Lunch. Their food is really amazing and was so full. Also had Red Velvet from Sonja’s which is terrific. We also had a glimpse of Rianne Ramos and she’s really pretty. But the most amazing part was Joseph Yeo. Remember him? He’s my forever archer. He’s my favorite DLSU player back on his UAAP days and it was so cool to see him again. He was with his family and good to see that he is indeed a family man now. He has two lovely daughter and a pretty wife. It’s just so good to see Seph again :’) Forever crush!

Today … my morning is about basketball and basketball alone. I was speaking with my cousin through facetime and shared to her how frustrated I was with the Celtics lost therefore we were loud and crazy about the OKC’s game ‘cause we want them to win so that we still have a team to cheer for. My Aunt on the other hand was loud alone ‘cause of the Memphis game and at that moment, I realize how my family is an insane basketball fans. Haha. Loud cheers from everywhere their house and ours, as if we’re neighbors. It was fun. Then, I had quite a personal and serious talk with my cousin about things going on with her life. We’re so excited to see one another soon. Real soon! Today’s also the birthday of my baby, Marco. I haven’t seen him since forever, so hopefully, I’ll get to see him soon.

I do not know what to do now. Oh, I’m considering on reading a book since my sister is out with her friends. I don’t know. I’m just emotional about today. Something’s going to change again. And something’s bound to happen. Praying for the best. So, got to go. And see you soon. xoxo