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The Lucky One,

I actually watched the Lucky One on its opening weekend but failed to make a review about it due to my very busy schedule but nevertheless, here I am making a text as to what I feel and think about the film.

To be true to everyone, I read the book simply because I found out that Zac will portray the role of Logan and the rumors were right and he did get the role. But more than that, I find myself indulge and fell in love with book so I have high expectations from the film since it’s another Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

The movie though quite disappointed me for there are some specific points in the book that should have made the film interesting. Like for example, Beth’s full name is Elizabeth in which Logan would call her in the book. It’s very crucial because no one has ever called Beth that name not even Keith; her husband. Also, the relationship Beth have with Keith ain’t good in the book but was far more better in the film. Also in the film, there are just too many sexual features that are not realy necessary. But enough with the comparison for after all, there are always changes in the film adaptation.

But, the Lucky One is another great novel by Nicholas Sparks. It depicts a story of how far can you go for love. Actually, Logan’s intention was to simply thank Beth but in the course of finding her and being with her, he realized that he has fallen for her. Logan’s character is very ideal it is what any girl would love to have. He is very good with kids and being a soldier, he is calm and very disciplined not to mention very good looking. And yes, Zac is always the best :”>

After the film it made me curious on what love is. Like, how will you find love and how can you tell that it is already love. It’s a story filled with love; love for your child and a growing love with your partner. It’s a must romantic film to watch.